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The desk-organizer in wood Themis by Eglooh is the best choice for an organized desk and, most of all, efficient learning-or-working location. 
The original design gives it a lively aspect, to such an extent that, filling it becomes every time a game, which lets us feel again and again as a child.
This desk-set in wood perfectly fits on minimalistic desks, as well as on wider desktops

The Ash finishing of the wood makes it extremely adaptable and proper both for classical and modern environments. 
The practical compartments are thought to best contain and organize, what normally obstructs our learning-or-working place.
Smartphone, pens (biros and USB), paper clips, memo pads, business cards find a perfect and always achievable positioning.

The touch of class is given by the leather inserts, to be personalized in their colour according to your own taste. 
The mouse mat and the rope are here purposed in Anthracite Grey and they may be matched with a desk pad in the same nuance. 
Themis removes forever the unpleasant mess on our desk and transforms it into a place, where working is a pleasure. 

Sizes: cm 39 x 11 H.2,2
Colours may differ from the original depending on the screen.

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